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Corporation News


Newsbook: High Performance Dedicated Server Plan
A report by Hi-Tech Weekly (18th December, 2001)

Newsbook Ltd provides wide-range service
A report by Hong Kong Commercial Daily News(16th December, 2001)

Newsbook Provides Excellent Internet Services
A report by Central (December, 2001)

The first Step of Online Shopping - Credit Card Payment Gateway
A report by Hi-Tech Weekly (27th November, 2001) 

Newsbook Ltd. develops stable.
A report by Economic Report (19th November, 2001) 

Existence at low Price - $68
A report by PCXpress (19th November, 2001) 

Quality Economy's Web Hosting

A report by Recruit (16th November, 2001) 

Successful Web Hosting
A report by PC3  (13th November, 2001)

Newsbook-Premium to New Customers
A report by Ta Kung Pao Newspaper (8th November, 2001) 

Premium on Web Hosting's Monthly Fee

A report by Hi-Tech Weekly (6th November, 2001)


The outstanding HK$68 web hosting services provided by Newsbook
A report by SME Monthly( 7th June, 2001 )


The popular web hosting company in the market: Newsbook
A report by PC Weekly( 24th April, 2001 )


Newsbook has purchased its new office in the expansion:
A report by Ta Kung Pao ( 13th March, 2001 )


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