Newsbook provides the best quality web hosting, dedicated server Newsbook is the largest web hosting company in Hong Kong



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Newsbook Limited - Quality Web Hosting,Web Design


     Newsbook Limited has been a licensed ISP and providing full

 Internet services to clients with years' experience. We have 

2200Mbps connection (faster than 1400 T1 leased lines) to the HKIX 

and the international Internet backbones. Our price, bandwidth and 

service quality are rated the best Web Hosting provider in Hong 

Kong by world-known Enterprise Association. We have grown to 

become one of the biggest - fifth B2B ISP in Hong Kong as reported 

by Sing Tao Daily and PC Market.

    (ref: PC Market 329 issue, 17th Nov., 99);
-- Being one of the largest web hosting house
    (ref: Wen Wei Po Newspaper, 14th April, 2000);
-- A report of HK's largest web hosting house Newsbook
    (ref: Ming Pao Daily, 11th July, 2000)

-- Newsbook Ltd. develops stablely
    (ref: A report by Economic Report 19th November,2001)

-- Quality service and special price to attract small to medium sized enterprises
    (ref: A report by Sing Tao Daily 11th September,2002)




    Founded in 1998, Newsbook Limited is an Internet service provider with full ISP license from Hong Kong government. The company has been a licensed reseller of the American network pioneer Cisco System. Newsbook Limited uses these innovative broadband network technologies and multimedia applications in the operations of Internet Exchange.


    Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art services and technology to the benefit of the business and the Internet community in Hong Kong. Through our high capacity Internet exchange functions and application software, interactive multimedia services can be provided in an open and cost effective manner.

*Extremely fast ATM backbone connection
*Experienced technical and networking staff
*Adaptive and smart co-operation mentality
*Well-equipped and stable Data Center
*State-of-the-art networking equipment
*Strong consulting and application development capability


*2024 Spring Festival

Newsbook have interest to purchase web hosting same business in Hong Kong

Newsbook have interest to purchase web hosting same business in Hong Kong, We are welcome for your call or mail contact if your company have a mind to to terminate or to resell.
Requirement : over 100 no. of existed clients and got HK business registration

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Register Newsbook webhosting plan Gain double storage space

From now on, new client registered Newsbook webhosting plan will gain almost double hosting storage space. So attractive and amazing !
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Newsbook provide free virus-filtrated service

Over hundred Virus-emails received in your mailbox, afraid your computer will be infected and caused computer down, thus slow down your working speed? Dont worry. Newsbook can help you!
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Rm 1, 1/F, Hung Tai Bldg., 37-39 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (Property of Newsbook Group)

Tel:(852)27820197 Fax:(852)23967073 E-mail: