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Newsbook provide new email services, 20GB storage upgrade

A report by Linuxpilot (Jan 2009)  



Newsbook has always been committed to provide first-class Internet services to the community. Newsbook e-mail services not only fast, stable, filtering but also can separate the virus and rubbish e-mail, so you work successfully and smoothly. It has been used widely. Thank you for yours supporting, we provide the new e-mail service coming soon .it will more convenient and personalized. Clients manage their e-mail accounts according to what their need; by the way the new e-mail Spaces Service is even more comprehensive and more discounts. According to different company which has different needs.
Personalized email service
Newsbook new e-mail service for all customers to manage their permission email account, not through the agent of us, in a convenient and time-saving; and at the same time it can be set personalized. On the other hand, the name of each functional variable with the highest rights of managers to manage customer's domain name for all e-mail accounts, such as: add, delete e-mail accounts, e-mail accounts can also change the login password, as well as other forward, features such as automatic reply, so that customers optimize the allocation of resources greatly. If a customer would like to manage e-mail account of a designated web site anytime, anywhere, e-mail account to log in their own identity, their own set of forwarding e-mail accounts, auto-reply or change the password, the whole process is simple and convenient.
E-mail space service diversification
Newsbook comprehensive upgrade E-mail space services, diversification services of economic plan, the basic plan, business plan, premium plan and the heavyweight plan. Customers can freely choose according to their own circumstances. Economic plan and the basic plan are for personal using, just only a monthly fee bottom on HK$35. Both are affordable and convenient. Business-plan only $ 88 a month you can have 20 e-mail. If customer needs more E-mail space, Premier plan, heavyweight plan can let you have from 10 to 20GB of email space, only a monthly fee from HK$288. All types E-mail space including unlimited e-mail alias, Webmail support, Web site support, back-up power supply, e-mail virus filtering and a basic anti-spam services, all without any set up costs! In this service plans, e-mail space diversity, increases the volume will not increase very attractive discount! Newsbook e-mail server is the best choice for you. Hurry up to apply for an account.
Newsbook was established in 1998 and has been on high quality and cheap price to provide customers with Internet services, including web hosting, web design, server rental and hosting and so on. Corporate customers in an increasing number of cases, Newsbook expanding service levels and service quality, in order to meet customer needs better.
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